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  3. Kimono fashion show that can be worn in 5 min…

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I want you to feel close to Kimono.
For that reason, we have set the price as cheap as possible.
You can try out the rental first, and if you find your favorite one, you can purchase it.
For more detailed pricing plans, please contact us from the bottom button.

1 Day Rental 6,900 yen
In the case of a total of 2 sets including other kimonos: 6,500 yen
For a total of 4 sets including other kimonos: 6,000 yen
Party event business trip 24,000 yen
* From 4 sets
Buy second-hand 150,000 yen
Made-to-order 230,000 yen ~
tabi 1,100 yen
Hair makeup 4,000 yen
Photography More than 30 cuts on weekdays 10,000 yen
More than 30 cuts on weekends 13,000 yen
All colors are carefully adjusted and handed over as data.

23 wards in Tokyo: Transportation and business trips included.
* Please consult with us if you are not in Tokyo 23 wards.

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