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Our kimono can be worn on top of collarless clothes.
The staff who have acquired diplomas after many trainings visits you and will dress our customers in no time.

We will also help you make your own “original 5-minute kimono”.
It is recommended for those who want to go out and have lunch or dinner casually wearing a kimono.
If you want to wear a kimono but think it is troublesome, I want you to try “KIMONO 5minutes”.
We will do my best to help!
Please enjoy a pleasant time in non everyday spaces.

Yurika Mitsugi
Representative Director of Three Next Co., Ltd.

We want to connect mothers who are raising children lonely with society. We wanted them to spend their money not for children but for themselves, and I started kimono renting to create jobs for mothers.
I want to spread Japanese culture to the world with the companion. I want young people to wear kimono too!!

If you are in the 23 wards of Tokyo, we will visit you without additional charge.
Other than that, please consult with us.

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